Privacy Policy

I don't want your data

The gist of my privacy policy is simple: I don't want your data. I don't want to warehouse data that someone is going to want to steal from me, in order to target you. And, to a large extent, I don't think I have to.

So, I will not ask for any data that I don't think I need to make the thing that I do better.

The data I ask for

I do ask for some data. Mostly, it's your name, location, and email address. I don't need your real name or specific location, but I'll get into why I need that in a moment.

If you don't like the way I define a word, or the translation I chose for it, I do give you the opportunity to do better yourself. Is this personal data? I don't think so, but I'll be explicit that it's something the system saves.

The data I don't ask for

I do not ask for your credit card information. When I add payments, it will be through another service that has to manage the security and things like that. You don't want a part-time hobby coder trying to keep your credit card info safe.

I do not ask for your street address or telephone number. When the time comes for me to make invoices, I may need that information (as well as your tax ID number in Germany) but, until I do need it, I won't ask for it.

What I do with your data

I "need" your data for the following purposes:

I do my best to provide all the worksheet resources (translations, definitions, gapfill sentences) you may need. However, you may choose to add your own if any of mine are wanting, or if you need to use them sooner than I can add them. Other users of the site will not be able to see the things you add, but it's important you know that I may.

That's right: there's no danger in you making super specific definitions, like defining "music" to be "Any sound that Mariah Carey makes," if you want. However, I may look at your definitions. My logic is that this will allow me to see which of the things that I have added need to be improved.

This website uses cookies!

Cookies have a bad reputation on the internet and I wanted to make a site that doesn't use them. But, it turns out that the only way to keep you logged in is to use cookies. So, you should know that I use cookies for the following purposes:

And, I collect some other data

When you land on the Dynamic-EFL website, I save your IP address and will, when I have the time to figure out how, try to use your IP address to look up what country you're accessing this from. Right now, I mostly want users from Germany, and I'd like to know where my users come from. (If you don't mind adding your own translations, go ahead and use it from all over the world! I can only add German translations.)

None of this was written by a lawyer

You don't have to be a lawyer to know that. And, I think that's no problem. However, by accepting the privacy policy, as is, you're also saying you're okay with the equivalent, as drawn up by a lawyer. And, if at some point, an actual lawyer tells me I have to use legal names or whatever, that you get that I'm trying hard to live by the spirit of what I've written here and will not hold me liable for anything.