Try it free!

Each person who joins the site creates a little extra work for me here in the background. That means I can't offer this for free. Not forever.

Still, I'm insanely proud of this site and want you to give it a try. I'm willing to let you try it free for three months and then we'll have to come to an arrangement.

Make an account...

I doubt you're new to the internet, so you've done this kind of thing before. This part isn't much different than any other website.

But first, there is this to get out of the way:

I'm just one person. I work on this software when I'm not teaching. I'm still trying to formulate some terms and guidelines that feel fair to everyone involved. This will probably evolve. So, by continuing you are agreeing:

  • To be a good sport. If you figure out a way to break anything. Don't. (Feel free to tell me.)
  • To use the resources here fairly. Don't resell any of the work I've done or try to pass it off (to other teachers) as your own. You are, however, expressly allowed to tell students that you made the resources yourself.
  • To be a person, and only one person. For most uf us, it's pretty easy to be a person and to not be plural. Still, if you're a school or a group of teachers, don't pass the login around.
  • That I can delete inactive accounts. This is mostly about me being able to measure if this is as useful as I think. But I will delete accounts that aren't used, so that I have an idea how many people use this.
  • That the terms and conditions can change. One of the things that I learned from teaching is that I'm not creative enough to think of all the ways that people can be frustrating. If new ones arise, they'll be covered by future terms and conditions.

I think all that is fair. Do you?

Then lets get started!