Hi again, I want to take your money.

I invest time in this site every week, fixing mistakes (that I made) and creating new definitions and other resources. I'd like to be paid for that.

The price

What does it cost?

Nobody has money to throw around. I get that. You may even be paying for one (or more) worksheet sites now. Can you really afford to pay for this one, too?

I think the worksheet generator pays for itself, both in time saved and in the contribution it makes to my classes. And I'd like a chance to prove that to you.

So, you're welcome to try the service free for three months (I won't ask for a credit card, you won't be automatically billed). I won't even send you 'please come back' emails.

After that, though, I hope you'll be happy to pay €70 / year for what this does. If you're not... Well, then, don't.

Give it a try, let me know how I can make it better, and either pay for it later or go on your merry way.

get three months free!