Frequently asked questions

What stops me from just stealing all your worksheets?
A few things. First, as a user you agree not to steal my resources. Second, there is no "collection of worksheets." Each worksheet is made specifically for one of your groups. It's not likely to be as useful to you again.

Can it be used for very specific vocabulary?
Yes, it can. If you're the first to teach specific vocabulary, it may ask you to provide your own definition or gapfill sentence. But I figured that was preferable to not allowing it at all.

Don't the worksheets seem generic?
Short answer: I hope not. Long answer: I do what I can to make the resources include 'personality' and, even more, to enable you to customize them so that your students see you reflected in the worksheets you distribute.

Does this mean you have to make worksheets for each user?
No. I don't make your worksheets. When you add vocabulary, the worksheet generator either looks for definitions and gapfill sentences that I have already made to make the worksheets on the fly. If I haven't made any yet, those words will be added to the list of resources for me to make.

Why is Dresden in all the examples?
I'm working on that. A near-term project is to make examples specific to different locations. (That's why the system asks for your location.) Right now, it's mostly things I made for my students, who are in and around Dresden.

Is it just me, or is Udo Jürgens mentioned a lot in these worksheets?
It's just you.
I'm kidding. I use Udo Jürgens a lot in lessons because his name always makes students smile, and nobody feels bad for him.

I have a great idea for a review activity the system can make. Are you interested?
Yes! Just because I didn't think of it doesn't mean it's not a good idea. I'd love to hear your ideas.

Something didn't work right, what should I do?
There's a two-step process for this. First, contact me to let me know what didn't work. Second, be patient as I try to figure it out.

My question isn't here